At Frame Perfect Productions, we're passionate about the art of cinema. Join us on a journey through the world of film and experience the power of cinema for yourself.

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Our Work

Red Hammer

This short film is a new take on a family drama, dealing with the relationship between a father and son. We were only involved in the cinematography for this one.

Death By Masterpiece

This short film is a love letter to the noir films of the past. Our private detective has to navigate the shady part of the art world with a heist gone wrong, murder, and no idea who to trust.


This short film is a drama about young person dealing with their own mortality. The worst part, they're stuck at school.

Money Mary

This short film explores the relationship between two criminals turned enemies as they navigate seeing each other for the first time since their falling out.

About Us

Frame Perfect Productions is an independent film production company owned by Jarryd and Demetria Becerra. We specialize in narrative film, We write our films together, and both of us have directed as well. Jarryd has experience as a cinematographer as well as a gaffer and production assistant.

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